Massage with Suzie

Services and Rates




                             Massage Pricing               

                                         30 Minute Massage: $35.00                      

                                         60 Minute Massage: $70.00                

                                         90 Minute Massage: $90.00               

          Types of Services                 

Swedish: Relaxing, connective strokes toward the heart.

 Deep Tissue: Deep, controlled techniques to release tension.

 Prenatal: Light-medium strokes to relieve aches from prenancy.

 Sports: Mild to Deep stretches to attain/sustain muscle mobility.

 Myofascial Release: Tissue manipulation for fascia restriction.

 Energy Work/Reiki: Working with the Chakras and the Energy System through gentle touch and balancing the body energy field.

Aromatherapy: The use of the aromatic/topical benefits of essential oils in a therapy.

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